Monday, 3 November 2014

Cannabis: A precursor of psychosis.

Cannabis is often the precursor of psychosis, especially paranoia. Anecdotally it seems to exacerbate psychotic moods and symptoms. My own view is that it cannot possibly benefit sufferers and it seems risky to prescribe it (if I have correctly understood the summary) at all. I remember Professor Robin Murray saying some years ago that cannabis was implicated in the causation of mental illness. Well, he should know and I don't suppose his views have become obsolete.


  1. As someone who's used and abused cannabis I find your opinion of the research to be faulty.

    Psychiatric research practices are often used to show one side of an argument. Cannabis causes psychosis and mental illness but if it's so bad then why do so many people do it and, importantly, enjoy consuming it. This is true of all psychotropic drugs whether they're prescribed, used or abused. The drug user view is like service user views a hundred years ago: people's own experience and expertise is disegarded.

    Psychiatric focuses on one area without looking at home illegal psychotropics benefit people because they're enforcing a prejudice. The Harvard psylocibin experiment was instigated by the religious and spiritual faculty. I believe it's where Aldus Huxley took mescaline and wrote about the experience in Doors of Perception or Heaven and hell. However it was shutdown by the mental health/psychiatry faculty.

    This stigma has been enforced for several decades and it is a travesty. It misuses science to obscure the truth. The truth is drugs are good and bad. Cannabis enriches many people's lives and it's positive for mental health for that very reason. Yes, it causes psychosis but then the psychiatric idea of psychosis is clearly what drug users are trying to achieve. Hallucinations are a sign of psychosis they're also what some drugs users try to achieve using illegal drugs because it can be fun and interesting.

    There's a high comorbidity of drug use (including alcohol) amongst those diagnosed with schizophrenia but there's also evidence that cannibinols are effective major tranquilisers. The self-medication approach is vlified and demonised by power seeking, prejudice enforcing psychiatrists. They believe the only valuable addiction is one which they prescribe.

    What's perhaps worst is that psychiatrists don't know what the psychotropics they prescribe actually feel like. At least other drug dealers (illegal rather than legal drug dealing psychiatrists) know the effect of the drugs they sell.

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